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The newsletters trace the development of the Global Informality Project.

Newsletter No 13 - 28 March 2018

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Global Encyclopaedia of Informality book launch went well in London on 22 March 2018. Over 25 authors came together for the event. The write-ups of brainstorming ideas on the future of the Global Informality Project will be on soon. Five themes included: informal governance, complexity and pattern recognition; theory and practice of ambivalence; superseding dichotomies, and cyber-informality. Full version is online (SCROLL to 6:13min for a start):

Many authors have helped celebrate the publication around the world: David Jancsics has publicized the book at the 50th anniversary of San Diego State University’s School of Public Affairs on March 9th 2018; Eduard Klein has helped promote Encyclopaedia at a think tank event in Berlin; Rustam Urinboyev and Abel Polese have organized a launch at University of Lund. Photos and videos will be on


Your entry can be included in your email signature and to your profile on you university website; social media (Facebook; Twitter; Linkedin); and various research gates (Academia; ResearchGate; SSRN). To refer to the specific page in the volume, you have to add "#page=X" where X is the page number of the entry you want to refer to. For example, entry "kula" in Volume 2 is on page 386 of the document. (NOTE: this is not the page number on the bottom of that page. You need to open the PDF in a web browser like Chrome, and then see what page number “kula” appears on, according to the browser.) It takes a little while to download.

So you can then add that to the URL to give:


On request from some of you, I include the contact if you would like to purchase a discounted copy (a third OFF the retail price) – email to, and the UCL distributor will invoice you. Name of book: The Global Encyclopaedia of Informality. Volume X Format: Paperback/Hardback Your name: Delivery address: Email: Contact tel # Invoice name/address/email (if not the same as above).


Thank you to all authors who has volunteered already to organize book launch events in their universities and other professional platforms and associations. In alphabetical order: Telebridge UCL - Indiana University, Bloomington/ 6 April/ with Justin Otten Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM) / April date tbc/ contact Misha Popovikj Bazel, Switzerland - 24 April/ contact Lucy Koelcin and Claudia Baez Camargo Belgrade, Serbia/ date tbc/ contact Ivana Spasic and Predrag Cveticanin Moscow, Russia /7-8 June Tokyo, Japan /date tbc/ contact Yuko Adachi Riga, Latvia /22 October/ contact Klāvs Sedlenieks IAS Paris, France / November date tbc/ Boston 50th annual ASEEES convention --New York, NY--Washington / December 2018


Petra Matijevic is appointed Research Associate by the INFORM project ("Closing the Gap between Formal and Informal Institutions in the Balkans", Horizon 2020 project no 693537) to work on the West Balkans and Global Informality Project website. Contact: At it happens this time of year, we are joined by the UCL Digital Humanities intern Orla Delauney. Warm welcome to both!

Many thanks to all authors and enthusiasts again!!! We have done a great job on the Encyclopaedia, now let us make the website work!

Alena Ledeneva, Professor of Politics and Society, University College London